Botanic Print on Canvas





Add some Wine or Bubbles

Add a bottle of wine, sparking or Champagne for an extra treat

Upgrade your gift card

A ‘Native Plant’ design gift card, we will choose a beautiful botanical card to compliment your flowers.

Add a little something extra

Who doesn’t love Candles? We have some luxurious ‘Eliza Jade’ handmade soy wax candles and diffusers with unique scents. These are small batch candles and they smell amazing.

Downtown Magazine #22

DOWNTOWN Magazine is the quintessential lifestyle magazine highlighting the beauty, sophistication & edge of the Northwest and New England Region.

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Original photographs, botanic print on canvas

Only one available of each. Original photographs with a floral/botanical theme, printed on canvas.

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Succulent, Dahlia, Leaf

Cupcake and flower/succulent combo still available for Mothers Day delivery. Dismiss