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Devil’s Ivy – A must have for any Indoor Plant collection



An easy care Devil’s Ivy – Epipremnum aureum

Devil’s Ivy is an easy care indoor plant. One of our favourites due to their low maintenance and attractive foliage. Perfect for anyone, even those who are new to indoor plants. This one is a ‘Neon’ or Golden Pothos and features yellow/lime green leaves.

These plants thrive in almost any indoor space. They will grow in areas with minimal light but prefer and will thrive in areas with bright, natural filtered light. They are fast growing when kept in ideal conditions. Plants can be left as a hanging plant or trained up a trellis or totem pole when more mature.

These are a must have for any indoor plant collection! A great start for any indoor plant enthusiast, they are also easily propagated from cuttings (once your plant is big enough of course!) allowing you to grow more plants!

Devil’s Ivy is listed on the NASA Clean Air Study as an air filtering plant, proven to remove pollutants from the air. For more details see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_Clean_Air_Study

Your plant will be gift wrapped for Mum and include a message from you.

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