Indoor plant (Ctenanthe) and decorative pot


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Ctenanthe indoor plant and pot

The Ctenanthe Pilosa is a striking plant with variegated foliage in green and yellow. These plants are tropical and like regular but not heavy watering. Small amounts of water, given more often is ideal.

These plants thrive in areas with bright, natural filtered light and high humidity if possible. Perfect for a bathroom window ledge or shelf.

These are a great addition to any indoor plant collection and are NON-toxic to dogs and cats for those with cheeky four legged friends.

For a little extra treat add a Gumtree or Austraian Bush scented candle Handmade Soy Candles – Uniquely scented or browse our other gift items. Sneaky add on’s include bubbles, choccies or a botanical card.





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